Who is Car Sharing Business for?

For fleet managers looking to make their fleet more affordable and more efficient.

For companies with a fleet of minimum 5 cars.

For companies that do not wish to invest more money in their fleet.

Benefits for the company

Benefits for the environment

Benefits for the employees

Add to the list of your employee benefits the possibility of using the company cars for private purposes. The trip settlement is generated automatically by the Car Sharing Business platform.

Reward your employees for their eco driving with points that can then be used to get free trips for personal purposes.



Fleet reservation and availability

Choose the most suited vehicle to your needs



Trip Purpose

Save time for both your accounting department and employees.


Fleet management and monitoring

Have control over how the company fleet is used



Ranking System

You can reward your employees for safe driving.

How is the implementation process?

1. Contract signing
2. Creation of an administration account for the fleet manager
3. Creation of employee accounts
4. Installation of GPS devices in the company cars
5. Enjoy Car Sharing Business

How much does it cost?

The Car Sharing Business system pricing is established according to the number of cars and fleet users. We implemented our system in a company with a fleet of just 5 cars, just to confirm that this solution is profitable even for small fleets.

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